Facility Hygiene Services

We provide equipment maintenance services that are critical for maintaining a hygienic environment, including cleaning of factories and manufacturing equipment, cleaning of air conditioning and air supply and exhaust systems, maintenance of septic tanks and grease traps and disinfection of water storage and water supply and drainage equipment.

Cleaning for Factories and Manufacturing Equipment

 We provide washing and cleaning services for manufacturing equipment and machinery that is susceptible to contamination through contact with other products, particularly if it cannot be cleaned through internal cleaning routines. By rinsing away organic substances such as food residues, we reduce the risk of allergens, factors causing the reproduction of microorganisms and pests, and the risk of contamination by foreign substances.

Septic Tank and Grease Trap Management

We support the safe disposal of waste and grease from facilities and help clients to reduce waste management costs. We offer tailored solutions based on individual circumstances, including the removal of oils and fats, and bio-treatment initiatives.

Sterilization of Water Storage and Drainage Equipment

We clean and sterilize water supply and drainage facilities that require a sterile environment, such water used in manufacturing and cooking, or drinking water. Our staff use the appropriate sanitary and technical equipment in accordance with laws and regulations. On completion of the work, they perform a water quality inspection to verify the effectiveness of the program and to maintain service records.

Air Conditioning /Supply/Exhaust Equipment Maintenance

Air pollution can spread throughout a facility via its air supply and exhaust systems. In addition, issues with cleanliness or the filter function in air supply systems can allow bacteria and pests to get in from outside. To combat these risks, our solutions and counter measures include control of positive and negative pressure.

Other services