Hygiene Process Design

We help our customers to build and improve hygienic environments for a wide range of situations.
We offer hygiene improvement programs, including control and prevention of infectious diseases (e.g. COVID-19); design, assessment and improvement of food safety management processes; support for the acquisition of HACCP or quality control certifications, and their application.
We also offer online consulting, audit and training services.



01 Pandemic Countermeasures

In normal times, we assess bacterial or viral infection risk in facilities and help establish processes for upgrading sanitary environments and reducing risk, thereby helping clients to establish a self-sustaining cycle of self-assessment and improvement. In emergency situations, where outbreaks of infection are a concern, we help clients establish procedures for voluntary disinfection and set guidelines for those who carry out the disinfection work. We also provide guidance, training and supervision of disinfection work and supply missing protective equipment or disinfectant materials. We have established a strong track record as a provider of COVID-19 prevention and protection services, particularly in facilities that fulfill a necessary social function, such as local government offices, banks, TV stations or newspaper publishers.

02 Consulting on Facilities and Hygiene Management

 We offer consulting services for facilities that require advanced hygiene management, such as food and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, medical/welfare facilities, large-scale kitchens and catering facilities. From the design stage onwards, we provide an assessment of hygiene standards, protection against bacteria and prevention of pest and insect infestations. For example, ensuring that hard surfaces which can be difficult to modify after construction are properly designed makes it easier to maintain hygiene when facilities are fully operational. We are also able to help in the construction of plants and factories overseas, leveraging the expertise of our international teams in local laws and regulations and environmental surveys.

03 Quality Assurance and Food Safety Management

  We support clients in the application of all major quality assurance and food safety management standards (including ISO, HACCP and GMP) and the improvement of workplace hygiene and sanitary standards. Rather than just offering general accreditation consultancy services, we spend time in the field developing manuals and guidelines for clients, improving processes, training employees and building teams. Rather than just focusing on gaining accreditation, we are committed to helping clients to retain their certification over the longer term and instill a sense of awareness in staff on the importance of quality control.


We undertake hygiene audits of establishments such as food manufacturing facilities or restaurant chains on a bespoke basis. Unlike standard audits conducted by other operators, we tailor our audits and focus the inspection according to the client's specific purpose. Our audits are invaluable as tools for management assessment, for example to aid uniform application of hygiene standards across multiple facilities, improved staff awareness of hygiene matters, or incentivization through linkage to appraisal targets. Although audits by an in-house quality control department are useful, a Dynamic Sanito inspection enables objectivity and can also help reduce costs.
We offer our services regardless of country or language and can carry out audits overseas as well as in Japan to help clients, such as food and beverage chains established in Asia, to maintain hygiene standards and brand integrity. For example, we can inspect a Japanese company’s fishery processing plant located in Vietnam upon request by the owner.


Inspection and Analysis


01 Hygiene Inspection and Analysis

We inspect and test viable bacteria count and common causes of food poisoning (such as E.coli, coliforms, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, etc.) in the air, on equipment surfaces or on the fingers of staff in workplaces and facilities Although our focus is on contract testing and inspections, we are also available for bespoke voluntary audits to aid improvement of hygiene processes and to provide assessments with thorough implementation of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization programs. Based on the results we can make recommendations for improvement across a range of metrics.

02 Contamination Inspection and Analysis

We inspect and identify contamination and foreign substances in foods, pharmaceuticals, precision equipment, packaging materials, etc. A range of tests are carried out to determine as far as possible whether a foreign object is biological or a material such as a resin or metal, as well as to determine where in the manufacturing or logistics process the contamination has originated. These tests include visual inspection by microscope, analysis by partner inspection agencies, DNA tests and thermal history tests. These tests help to identify the cause of the contamination, trace accountability, avoid unnecessary product recalls, prevent recurrence, and are also useful for creating explanatory materials for external use.

03 Food Quality Testing

Bacteria not only cause food poisoning, but also affect food quality and shorten the shelf life of food products. Our partner laboratories can test food samples for the following: viable bacteria count, coliforms, fecal coliforms, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, vibrio parahaemolyticus, E.coli, pathogenic E.coli O157/O111/O26, enterohemorrhagic E.coli, campylobacter, yersinia enterocolitica, bacillus cereus, lactic acid bacteria, clostridium perfringens, clostridia, listeria monocytogenes, enterococci, pseudomonas aeruginosa, fungus (mold, yeast).

04 Water Quality Testing

We test the quality of water used for cooking and food manufacturing or sealing raw materials and equipment, as well as for drinking water in commercial and residential facilities. We also undertake cleaning and sterilization work for water tanks and provide a water quality inspection certificate to guarantee the effectiveness of results and to show that the work has been carried out. In addition, we can inspect waste water from factories and business premises, as well as water quality in agricultural and fishery facilities.

Training and Seminars

01 Staff Training and Seminars

We provide workplace training sessions and seminars as standard for all consulting and audit projects. Our aim is to create an environment where workers cooperate as a team to tackle hygiene issues arising simultaneously across a broad front, ensuring that they have a basic understanding of hygiene and its processes, as well as an appreciation of the management issues involved and the implications of raising hygiene standards for all employees. We focus on a collaborative approach: rather than just giving instructions, we help our customers set objectives and consult with them on their individual needs and requirements.


02 Webinars

Webinars are an effective solution for employees in the manufacturing industry or chain establishments who are typically unable to adjust their work schedules to attend seminars or meetings, or where contact with others can be a risk in itself if an infection is prevalent. In addition, webinars enable Japanese staff to participate in online training seminars for overseas projects together with international staff, along with other participants who are unable to attend in person. We provide support in a variety of languages, including Japanese, English and Chinese.

Other services